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Feb 28, 2014

February Wrap Up....

Here is looking back at February 2014...
We've had a lot and I do mean a lot going on these last few weeks. It's been a good month for the most part and we've gotten a whole lot accomplished. 

Feb 2- Was Katie's Happy Birthday Day!!!!
Feb 8- Was court on our baby foster JK. Nothing new to share.It was just a case review.
Feb 5- Blaze was admitted into Scottish Rite Children's Hospital for more testing. 
Feb 12- Blaze was fitted for AFO's and fitted shoes. We are crossing our fingers that this will help him to walk. He is tough on his little legs and feet.
Feb 14- Was love day, but my hubby was called out due to an ice storm here in GA. However we celebrated the next weekend with my favorite crab legs:)
Feb 19- Our foster daughter Brylee left our home. It was a tough decision on all of us, but I truly believe that it was what was best for all of us. Please keep her in your prayers. I worked very hard with her over these last 2 years and she has come a long ways. We grew very attached to each other....for a little girl with RAD that's huge. Of all my foster kids I truly believe that she loved me the most. I know that this move is hardest for her, but she's a tough kid and she's going to do well. We plan to still go see her and spend time with her. She's for sure an extra special kid that has been through more than any kid I know. She changed my life and taught me so much about life and myself in the time that she was here. We are for sure going to miss her. Please keep her in your prayers.
Feb 20- I met with our Babies Can't Wait service coordinator. She feels that one of our therapist has gone as far as she could with Blaze. So starting next week our little guy will start therapy at Mckenna Farms. He will still have some therapy (PT and OT) in our home, but he really needs more than that and Mrs F said he would be better served at McKenna. So that's where we will go.
Feb 25- Katie had her BIG OB/ sono visit. Baby Boy is doing much better. They've been really concerned that his kidneys weren't growing/ keeping up, but this sono showed major improvement. Since he improved so well they won't have to see her or recheck the kidneys for another month. Also Katie has placenta previa but that too had gotten much better. A lot of prayers have gone up for my daughter and little grandson and the prayers have worked!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!
Feb 25- We met with our new RDW case worker. She came out to meet us and to update our homestudy for fostering. For now we are not taking any new kids. We are just enjoying and loving on the boys. Plus, we are updating the bedrooms (new carpet, new beds, new bedding, etc). It's hard to do those things with a house full of kids. So we are not on the call list right now. I'm not sure when we will jump back in, but for now it's just nice having time for just us and of course JK (he's like ours). It's a much needed break for our family. :)
Feb 26- Teeth cleanings/ check up for the kiddos. No cavities!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 25- McKenna Farms contacted us with our dates/ times.
Feb 26- My sweet baby Blaze turned two!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I have enjoyed my little boy. 
Feb 27- Blaze got his AFO's and shoes. He's not to thrilled about it.
Feb 27- Baby JK had an orthopedic follow up. He is coming along nicely.

We had two big snows in February and the kids had a blast in it (the adults did too)! We love snow.
Well that's all that comes to mind.
Bye Bye February. March please be kind to us this year.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he will direct thy paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. Sandy, I have followed and read you for a few years now and don't know how you do it!! I have 2 kids in college a 1000 miles away and my Jacob is a 6th grader at home. I will pray for Brylee. I know that had to be hard. I wonder about Z as well, is he doing okay or do you hear? Anyway, I'm sure you can use the rest and will pray for you and your precious family. Love and prayers from Texas!!

    1. Hi Sailor Moon, Thanks for writing and for the prayers. We always stand in need of those. I have checked in with Brylee's nurses daily. They said that she is doing really good. She's enjoying being in the spotlight and all the new attention:) Please just keep praying for her.
      As far a Z, I don't have anything good to share. He was DFCS biggest mistake. No doubt the system failed that child. He is missing and nowhere to be found. I have no idea what is going on with him or where he is. It breaks my heart. But the good news is that Z changed the rules here in our county and there will NOT be another case like his. Thanks for asking. May God bless you and yours.


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