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Aug 20, 2013

Our trip to Panama City Florida...

Last week we took a trip to Florida. It's been about 4 years since we've had our toes in the sand, so we were pretty excited. It was a much needed vacation. It was also our very first family vacation with Joshua. We arranged nursing and respite for our other two foster kids so that we could have some one on one time with Joshua. We really enjoyed him. We also enjoyed Jacob and Ashley. Jacob doesn't get a lot of mom and dad time, because we are so busy with the babies, but in Florida he had our full attention. Ashley was a huge help with the boys and she kept me company. I love my baby girl.:)
Our first day wasn't that great because Joshua started running a fever and was having some trouble with his breathing which landed him in the ER for the day, but after some fluids, antibiotics, and a few breathing treatments he was much better. He had upper lobe pneumonia, but by day 2 he was great!

He loved the beach. We were afraid with all his sensory issues that the beach, sand, and sun would overwhelm him, but it didn't!!!!!!!!!!! He did great!!!!!!!
My baby girl Ashley
Yes, these are the cute toes in the pic above:)
My daughter Katie , son-in-law Dylan, and grandbaby Kaylan
joined us the second day. I really enjoyed them too.
Kaylan LOVED the beach.
Her and Joshua had a blast together and were such sweet babies
the whole trip.

Jacob Noah riding the waves.

Sweet babies.
He was trying to put her hat on.
He kept signing "hat".

My little love bug.

First time seeing the ocean.


My boys


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