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Jul 11, 2013

Just an update...

Just posting an update. A little of this and that.

Everyone is doing great here. This week has actually been a little calmer for us all. It was much needed. Last month was almost overwhelming. I only had one day that I didn't have an appointment. Some days I had more than one appointment which got really crazy. Almost brain boggling. I never want another month like June...ever

Our youngest foster "JK" turned the big 2 months last Saturday. He is doing really good. Our little guy was having such a tough time with his tummy, but now it's like it never happened. The surgery was a great success. He had to have another small surgery this past Monday and he came though like a little champ. He may need one more surgery in the future, but maybe not. He is a tough little guy and growing like a weed . His growth slowed some while he was sick, but he has made up for it these last two weeks. He's a little butterball now:)

Our precious Joshua is doing good too. He is using his knees more and pulling up more. Hopefully walking is in his near future. We are still waiting on our adoption day. It seems it's been one thing after another. Updates on the process is below the header under "Our Adoption". I look at him everyday and just can't help but thank God over and over. He is so precious to us. I still can't believe he is ours. Wow! Ours! Our precious little boy. What a gift. Thank you Lord!

Miss Bry. What can I say? She keeps the house running and the home care nurses too....lol She is such a determined child. She wants so bad to be able to do the things other kids do and she tries hard. She is getting stronger every week. She actually is walking some in her walker now and she is learning to stand (leaned against something). This is a very good sign that her legs are getting stronger. I credit the endless hours of therapy and her three amazing therapist for how well she is doing. I couldn't do it without them. For a child that was never suppose to move again, she has came a looooooong ways. We still have a long ways to go with her, but we are just taking  it one day at a time. Miss Bry will be having surgery on her tummy next month. So please keep her in your prayers. It will be life changing for her and us if the surgery is a success and I'm sure it will be.

Bry is also about to celebrate her 3rd birthday! She is really excited about it. I let her get on the internet with me and she picked out her birthday theme all by herself. She chose "Minnie Mouse". She's been telling everyone about her Minnie party. I'm excited for her. I'm looking forward to sharing the day with family and friends and celebrating this special little girls life.

Today, I meet with the BOE. We are meeting to discuss specialized pre-k for Bry. We are hoping they will agree to a home bound pre-k for her. I just don't think public pre-k will work, because she is so fragile. We just pray they will agree to it.

Miss Anna had her first sonogram the other day. We haven't heard back from it yet, but hopefully all is well. I've always heard no news is usually good news. I sure hope so. She is doing great but still so tiny. She really never showed with Brookelyn until the last few weeks and this one seems to be the same. She is now in her second trimester. It is flying by.

Miss Kaylan turned the big 5 months and is learning to set up. She is a happy baby that always smiles. I don't get to see her as much as I'd like, because of where they live and our schedules but when she is her we have a blast. She's meme's baby doll.

Mr Carter came to see us the other day. He just got back from a Florida vacation with his family. He loved the ocean Samantha said. He is a doll baby and such a sweetheart. He also said the prayer over our dinner the other day and it was the sweetest thing ever. He has such a sweet heart.

The fourth was a bummer. No fireworks this year. Just a few sparklers with the kids because of all the rain. We pretty much set home and watched movies all day. Dylan, Katie, and Kaylan came and shared it with us.

I love my grandbabies. If you can't tell.  God, my family, and my church are my life. They are what makes my heart beat.

We booked our much needed vacation. We haven't had a good vacation in a very long time. We are excited. I can't wait to see Joshua when he sees the ocean. We are hoping all of our kids can join us.

We are looking forward to a family reunion with my mom's side of the family this weekend. We haven't been together in a couple of years, so it's pretty exciting. I can't wait for our family to meet Joshua and Kaylan.

hmmm.... trying to think. Well, I guess that's about all. Everyone else is doing great. I've got to get ready to head out to my meeting. Have a great week everyone!

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he will direct thy paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

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