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Dec 29, 2012

Sign language for babies...

BB's very first sign language video was
The Baby Einstein My First Signs.
This video is wonderful & BB LOVES it!!!
It's his FAVORITE!
This is how we learned our first signs.
BB started watching it around age 7 months.
Our next set was the Baby Signing Time DVD set of 4.
They were recommended my BB's sign language teacher.
It too is excellent for babies.
Our newest set is the
Signing Time DVD set of 13.
I can't even say enough about it.
It's wonderful!!!!!!!
It's so much easier learning from
DVDs than books.
These videos make learning
sign language fun for kids & even adults.

These can be found on Ebay & Amazon.

A few other things we have found useful with our baby
Our baby kept pulling his hearing aids out.
Our audiologist recommended these
 little pilot hats.
They are super thin & cool year round.
They solved the problem.
They can be found here...

Toys for hearing impaired babies...
I was told by BB's instructor that
 hearing impaired babies really
enjoy vibrating toys.I found that very true
with our little sweet pea.
 HI babies can't hear musical
 toys but they enjoy
toys that vibrate and light up.
These are a few of the ones our baby loves.


 You can find these on amazon.com
 Books for the HI.
A great book for kids!
It has the most important first 100 words.
I found it on ebay for near nothing and it is by Scholastic.
Another great book by Irene Duke.
Our baby is still very young
so sign language is still new to us.
At first I felt overwhelmed
with the thought of having to learn
a new language.
I still feel a little scared at times,
but our baby is worth it.
I can say these DVDs and books
have taught us so much.
If you are just starting this same journey,
then I highly recommend these to you.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he will direct thy paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

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